Company Profile

Zhejiang Wellvast Packing Printing Products Co., Ltd is a co-invested company by Hong Kong Wellvast and Zhejiang Cigarette Industry Co. We are recognized as a high growth, action oriented, innovative provider of printing and packaging products and services marketing, quality and branding is our relentless pursuit.

We dedicate our company to the production of high quality full color printing with customer satisfaction in mind. As a printing company, we provide services including printing and packaging materials design, such as cigarette packaging, milk cartons, wine packaging, cosmetics packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and other packaging products.

Our main production lines consist of 5 printing units, consisting of 8 colors gravure printing machine, 7+1 and 9+1 offset printing machine with cold stamping unit, silk screen printing machine, and single color gravure machine for special printing effects.

We also provide customized QR codes printing solutions, with die-cutting machine, hot-stamping machine and folder-gluers, etc. We are also equipped with technologically advanced quality control equipment and facilities such as gas-chromatographer device, tension control tester, surface abrasion testing device, sterilized testing facility, in order to maintain products quality along the productions process, meeting the requirements of our customers, while meeting the requirement international standards. We are experienced in gravure, offset, and intaglio printing and so on, with knowledgeable people that guide you through your custom print job. The support of our customers, the devotion of our employees, and an exciting, courageous vision of our future define our legacy of strength. We are available for consultation on any project you may now have or in the future.

We are more than happy to insist and look forward to the opportunity with you.

Management Policy


Focusing on customer satisfaction and ensuring quality through efficient manufacturing process


Focus on pollution prevention and control, prioritize environmental innovation;


Ensuring employee's wellbeing through implementation of professional production safety practices.

Organizational Structure

Corporate Honors